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Genius Next Door

In Be Merry on June 28, 2010 at 2:45 pm

Living on Capitol Hill has major rewards — even at the Apple store.

Two weeks ago uneven pavement threw my car into a concrete barrier. As I’m sure you understand, this was relatively upsetting terrifying.

Heaven? (Photo credit: apple.com)

The largest life-burn, however, was that I had my brand-new MacBook Pro sitting in the front seat. It was thrown at 60 mph. The beautiful glass screen shattered and there was a sizable dent in the back. I was devastated. Over the phone, Apple representatives told me it would cost between $700 and $800 to fix. It was not covered by AppleCare.

I decided my bandaged arm, pathetic demeanor and weepy eyes might help this situation. So I traveled to Pentagon City to try my luck in person.

Take a bite out of this apple…

That’s where I met Genuis-turned-Angel Dane. He lives on Capitol Hill. Better yet he grew up on Capitol Hill After hearing my address, we quickly bonded over the world’s finest neighborhood. He looked at my arm, looked at my computer and cut me a deal. He only charged me for labor, saving me a whopping $500.

These are the life lessons I’ve learned:

  1. Buckle up your computer. Or put it in the backseat. Love it like a human.
  2. Always buy a Mac. (I knew this already, but now I really know.)
  3. Be thankful for friends that call you, eat milkshakes with you, buy flowers and make you laugh.
  4. Live on Capitol Hill.

To conclude, I’d like a moment alone with my Genius.

Dear Dane – Let’s be neighbors forever.



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