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Sunday Shakes

In Be Merry, Drink, Eat on June 14, 2010 at 11:13 am

Every once in awhile you have a day that shakes up your little world. Over here at CHC, that day was Saturday when Miss L got in a dust up involving her car and a concrete median. On Sunday, our bandaged warrior and I headed out to celebrate still having all our limbs. It didn’t take long before we found ourselves standing outside of Ted’s Bulletin, a lovely new establishment on Barack’s Row.


Milkshakes ahead!

The wait was long (45min) but well worth it once we slipped into our deep wooden booth. Ted’s milkshakes are divine and come in “grown up” varieties like Grasshopper, Bailey’s Caramel Macchiato, and Fuzzy Naval. Breakfast at Tiffany’s played against the back wall and just the sight of L’s sandwich (a rueben with turkey instead of corned beef)  made me want to leap full face back into a carnivorous lifestyle. If you find yourself in need of a celebration or just want to spend a swell afternoon with the friends you love, consider bringing them to Ted’s. — Be sure to ask for two straws!

Ted’s Bulletin: 505 8th Street, SE


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