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For Cool Kids Only

In Be Merry on May 26, 2010 at 4:40 pm

Downtrodden Zumba dancers: take heart. You are fighting the good fight.

Even if O’Neill yells “NERD!” and rides away on her bike. Remember  – she just doesn’t feel the music.

Don’t turn around. Instead, pedal on with your bright, white, spaceboot sneakers towards Joy of Motion Dance Center on H Street. Only there will your sassy dance moves be truly appreciated.

Joy of Motion Dance Center/Atlas Performing Arts Center

….more after the jump!

Joy of Motion’s hour-long Monday class is just what you need to start the week. The instructor, Tanya Nuchols, is enthusiastic and kind. Don’t worry about keeping up with all the steps. Everyone is there to have fun.

If Zumba isn’t your thing (HOW COULD IT NOT BE YOUR THING?) there are lots of other classes to try —  from ballet to belly dancing. Not to mention ballroom dancing! Check out the schedule for more info.

Whatever you do, ignore the haters.

– L

  1. Yo! Ilse has ZUMBA in her blood: her mom’s an instructor! I think you should needle her into coming with you…

  2. that stings.

  3. NERD.

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