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Cap Hill O’Neill

In Be Merry, Drink on May 5, 2010 at 4:50 pm

We thought it would never happen. D.C.’s most-elusive, most-sought-after, most-lovely-fancy-lady (cough)Claire(cough) visited our neck of the woods Tuesday. My-oh-my…what a treat!

"I'd live here in a heartbeat," Claire said. "Cheers!"

Cap Hill & Co. settled in for a post-work drink at Cafe Berlin, which ultimately turned into a full evening of German delight.

We had no trouble getting a table. The atmosphere was great (patio seating!) and the beer was cold (we’d recommend the amber & hefeweizen!).

We give this place eight thumbs up & two Stanton Park statues.  Prost!


  1. I deny ever having said that!

    I won’t deny, however, that it was a truly enchanting soiree. And now, having fulfilled my Capitol Hill quota — what’s more having made it onto the blog — I can now retreat back into fanciness and oblivion.

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