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Wiffle Spiffle

In Be Merry on April 13, 2010 at 1:09 pm

Serious athletes only.

Tremendous turnout for the Rattle Jazzle Riot League this weekend! Fifteen of D.C.’s best wifflers took to the field Sunday in a fierce face-off against…well…against each  other. We divided into separate (but sort-of-equal) teams for seven innings of glory.

A few neighborhood kids joined us. They liked pitching and batting. They did not like taking turns, but being twice as old and hence twice as stubborn we refused to let them hit 16 times. We also managed to bestow on them indispensable knowledge about monocles — a success in itself!

Becky led Team Rocket to victory & Barrett led Team Jill Taylor to a crushing defeat. Don’t worry, RJR magic didn’t end there.

Run Home Jack

Sweaty & sun-kissed, we eventually landed at Wonderland Ballroom for a few pints & fried pickles. We quickly made friends with a 4-year-old future RJR teammate at the table next to us. And Nick — our new favorite waiter — kept the drinks coming, fried up a dried papaya stick, and challenged us to a kickball match. (Bring it, Wonderland. Bring it.)

Kalee encouraged us to hit up the playground before heading home. So we took a ride in the spinning cups at Harriet Tubman Elementary and promptly lost our minds. Watch Dizzy Grown Ups

Putting it lightly, RJR hit Sunday out of the park.

-b & l


Want to Rattle Jazzle Riot? Join us next Sunday for kickball madness! Same park, same fun crew: Raymond Playground on 10th between Quincy and Spring @ 3pm

  1. Hands down one of the best days ever.

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