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Nats-ural Born Killers

In Be Merry on April 8, 2010 at 2:14 pm

Cap Hill and Co. sunk a half court buzzer-beater with a fantastic friend field trip to Nationals Stadium last night to watch our hometown heroes, the Washington Nationals, square off against the phamed Philadelphia Phillies. Sadly, the Phillies must’ve still been pissed about their Super Bowl humiliation last year to the Yankees and destroyed our treasured Nationals with an embarrassing 8-4 score. As painful as it was to admit, it became quite clear to everyone present that pitcher Jason Marquis is no Wayne Gretzky.

Hoping for a hole-in-one

Although the absurdly cheap tickets were offset by the absurdly expensive beer, everyone had a grand ol’ time. It was the true American experience: hot dogs, crappy beer, fireworks, and a bunch of friends sitting around talking and watching the game on a lovely evening. The only thing missing was apple pie and a bald eagle resting on my shoulder.

This ain't your grandfather's baseball game

We had great seats and could see everything spectacularly, including the fight that took place behind center field between a security guard and a Nationals hooligan. Thankfully, the game wasn’t painfully long as some have been known to be (pay no mind to the massive friend exodus in the 8th inning that would’ve made Moses proud), and everyone was out of the stadium by 10:30.

It truly was a “killer” way to spend a beautiful weekday night and I can’t wait to do it again. Let’s just hope they score more touchdowns next time.



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