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Shake Your Bon Bon or The Other Sorta French Place to Brunch

In Eat on April 5, 2010 at 5:22 pm

It was a beautiful Saturday to brunch and we were determined to do so outside, Cherry Blossom season be damned! As we grumbled around Eastern Market, where lines were out the door, we decided to pull out the “where’s the place we always forget about, but always want to go to?” card and stumbled down to Le Bon Cafe.

Tucked away on 2nd and Pennsylvania Le Bon Cafe was definitely crowded, but we easily found a table under an inviting blue umbrella and got to work on our made to order sandwiches. The clientele was a mix of older tourists and slouchy locals, one in particularly was having a very engaging conversation with his hamburger. Bacon cheeseburgers are not on Le Bon Cafe’s menu, but can be found at Pete’s Diner right next door, which serves up delicious and cheap greasy-spoon items–with a few random egg roll dishes thrown on the menu for good measure. Perfect for a post-party breakfast…though, be warned: the random assortment of Thai inspired knickknacks and year-round Christmas decorations will not help the hangover.

– b & k

  1. […] Diner next to Le Bon Cafe or our personal fave, Jimmy […]

  2. i despise the fact that we brunched separately. shocking.

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