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Fancy French.

In Be Merry, Eat on April 4, 2010 at 1:03 am

Last weekend I had a burger for breakfast. (Thank you Jimmy T’s — rave review coming soon.)

This weekend I ate crème brûlée.

Oui oui, darling.

For reasons that still mystify myself, I booked an early haircut Saturday. This meant I was out of bed by 8, in the salon chair by 8:30 and awake somewhere around 9. Afterwards, I hurried home (to the Hill!) to brunch it up with Meera.

We dined at Montmartre* on scrumptious savory crepes. We were pleased. The coffee was good & the atmosphere pleasant.

One warning: Apparently their “no substitutions” rule also means “no subtractions.” M ordered a crepe without meat & they brought an entirely different crepe with an egg on the side. It was confusing. Lucky for them she’s a good sport & ate it anyway.

M’s meal ended there, but certainly not mine. Yes. Perhaps it was early. And yes, that’s not when usual people usually eat dessert. But I am not the usual sort.

So I ordered crème brûlée & beamed across the table. M insisted on capturing the moment.

Try to stop this joy. I DARE YOU.

Therefore, let the record show: An apple a day keeps the doctor away & crème brûlée before noon makes you giddy.

*Arrive early to avoid the line. We were seated immediately, but by 11:30 a.m. the line was out the door…



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