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Seder-day Night Live

In Be Merry, Drink, Eat on March 30, 2010 at 9:05 pm

The Seder Plate, Minus the Egg

It’s a Monday night, you just got off work and you have an unexplainable craving for wine and matzah balls. Sound familiar? Well, join the club, buddy–but what is one to do?! If you’re Cap Hill and Co. you go ahead and have yourself a Seder celebration!

Selena, our Jewish Athena, came up with the wonderful idea of Cap Hill hosting 15 of the city’s best and brightest for a glorious Passover evening–and it couldn’t have gone better. For several, it was their first Seder, but that was no problem as the group in total rolled about 73 Seders deep.

Everyone brought a bottle of wine and/or a scrumptious dish and established a solid foundation for a beautiful night consisting of dancing, drinking, eating, and being. Dishes included, but were not limited to: roasted vegetables, kugel, lentils, charoset and matzah ball soup.

Highlights included: Selena leading the group through The Haggadah, singing and dancing around the table with a tambourine, everyone eating eggs at the exact same moment (Mal nearly lost it here) and leisurely reclining to the left around the table.

Something of particular interest was the inclusion of the orange on the Seder table. It’s a modern addition to the scene, but a powerful symbol.

Can the Easter Bunny bring wine next week?

-k, b, & l

  1. Is there a more clever headline in all the universe? I loved reading about this event and sensed your seder table as a dynamic symbol of community for this group of friends.

  2. You should get meredith to post up the recipe for the chocolate cake.

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