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Power On

In Drink on March 29, 2010 at 3:55 am
    I’m writing about this event before anyone else has a chance. Mostly because I remember very little about it and I prefer to have some control over what’s said.

    Dignity slips away.

    Cap Hill loves nothing more than friends. So when we heard Katherine was raising money for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer we were anxious to show our support.

    Thus Saturday’s classy fundraiser: THE POWER HOUR.

    Each contestant donated $20 to make a wish. For example: a massive sleep-over in Claire’s bedroom, a weekly Wendy’s delivery, a Titanic-inspired drawing of Darren…(just to name a few.) We then took a shot of beer every minute for one hour (or as long as we could each manage.) The last person at the table won the game & their wish.

    At this time it’s unclear who won. (This reporter has gathered conflicting stories.) But it was definitely a night to forget…errr…remember fondly through photographs the next day.


  1. Sleep-over. I am, however, willing to compromise: One sleep-over, at my house, with certain parties being exempt, AND a “wearing this, wearing only this” painting being produced that doesn’t have to hang in the Egg House.

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