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Saturday Morning Crepes

In Eat on March 28, 2010 at 8:32 pm

Lined up for deliciousness

I’ve never had the patience to wait in the line that is almost always this long for the crepe stand at Eastern Market. But after my fellow Hill crew raved about their last weekend’s nosh, I decided it was time to queue up with the rest of them to give a crepe a go.

We passed the time sampling the coffee stand, drinking a fresh squeezed orangeade, and mulling over the selection of sweet (apples, walnut, coconut, and dulce de leche caught my eye) to savory crepes.

I had previously decided to try the savory green apple, swiss, and cracked pepper, swapping smoked gouda for swiss. Kyle decided on the turkey, spinach, tomato, and gouda. They were both good-a! (Sorry, sorry…) My crepe was a bit on the small side and since it was nearly 2pm before I had the thing in my hand it didn’t do much for my famished state. Kyle’s crepe, on the other hand, was massive and I was jealous.

Be prepared to make your own change at the counter, the guys working the griddle never leave their post, and you if you’re feeling creative you can mix and match your own ingredients. Crepes range between $5-8. I wasn’t blown away but I am determined to try again. If I’m going to find a perfect crepe on the Hill it’ll be here and rumor has it if you get there around 10am the line is half as long.



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